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Yvette Whorton was born and raised in Chicago, IL and attended Hyde Park High School. She attended Georgia Tech college, and graduated with a BS in Communications. Later, she went on to attend Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and completed her Master’s in Oriental Medicine
studying Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Thai Massage, Tui Na , Shiastu, and other oriental art modalities.

​Being of Choctaw Indian decedent, Yvette trained as a child by her great grandmother to become a Spiritual Healer. Her practices include Crystal healing, Reiki Energy Healing, Reflexology, and Acupressure. Within her practice she makes healing oils and crystal jewelry
to support healing of the chakras.

Regarding Goddess Yvette's professional affiliations and experiences, she has worked with Dr. Elton Tinsley one Chicago's best African- American plastic surgeons. She has taught for Chicago Housing Authority, Salem Baptist Church, with Dr. Beverly Nichols of Can-TV.., Can-tv
programs, such as Herbal Renewal and other community groups and organizations in the Chicago land area.


She continues to teach for Public Health, and Project Brotherhood, which was featured on CNN’s Black’s in America 2. At Project Brotherhood, which is a male centered program that provides free health care for men of color, she teaches Qi Gong to individuals who suffer from substance abuse issues. She administers meditation and other healing modalities that improve their life conditions, while teaching Qi Gong, and other spiritual practices to help them de-stress. 

As executive producer and host of her own Can-TV Program on channel 21, called Goddess Unlimited, Goddess Yvette exposes Chicago residents to alternative healing modalities that help people of color to heal on all levels. Goddess Unlimited is also available on her Youtube channel of the same name. Her programs are designed to educate and empower others to start their healing process. Goddess Yvette plans to build a healing center in Chicago dedicated to teaching, educating and training people of color in the process of healing themselves and their communities. 


"It is truly up to all of us to preserve our birth right to heal. This can only create a stronger society."

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