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Activating The Original Force: Warming the Stove Practice

Activating The Original Force: Warming the stove practice:

As we learn how to start the process of activating the Original Chi, we begin by focusing the attention in the area between the naval, the door of life, and the sexual center to "warm the stove" as a preparation for stimulating the Original Chi that flows into our body through this point. One manifestation of successfully stimulating the original Chi is heat or warmth. Our Original energy is like a battery, it provides the spark to start the practice of the basic Microcosmic Orbit.

There are five processes underlying all the practices:

1. Generating the Force to activate the movement of energy.

2. Gathering the Chi that has been generated into a Chi Ball.

3. Condensing the Chi Ball into a Chi dot or pearl.

4. Expanding or pulsating the Chi inside you.

5. Storing the Chi in the Tan Tien center or at any point you are working on. Rest and do nothing: allow the Chi to move itself.

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