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Forgiveness is The KEY to your health!!!

In Taoist practice, the practice of Inner Smile, it can assist in helping us with daily practice, to sense negative feelings, emotions arising, and learn to practice no judgement of people, and situations, by simply getting in touch with our inner selves to transform negative emotion, i.e., unforgiveness, hatred, ANGER, stress, depression. By just smiling to yourself, your organs, digestive tract, etc. Once we learn to love ourselves and connect to the unlimited reservoir of universal LOVE, we will have such an abundance of love, we can forgive ourselves and other with GRACE, and that anger can be changed to KINDNESS, and lead to healing the past, and create BLISS! And who doesn't

want that? Life is a series of choices, Choose LOVE, and your health, physical or mental. Just SMILE!!!! Namaste!!!

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