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Grabbing Your Sick Energy

Are you aware that by Smiling and relaxing your body, and just focusing especially on any area of sickness, pain, or injury, can create healing. Just place both your palms about 2 or 3 inches above the sick area, and become aware of the sick area, using your mind's, eye, heart energy, and your palms to spiral clockwise 49 to 108 times around it, then rest, and slowly move the palms up and down, left and right, around the sick or painful area, until you feel you can grab something. Once you feel you have a good hold, drag it with the hands down to the feet, and out the toes, if it is in the lower part of the body. If it is in the upper part, drag it down to the hands and out of the fingers. Do the grabbing 3 to 7 times. If you need farther assistance, feel free to ask? Namaste!!!

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