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Justification is Not truth!

Justification is Not truth!


Have you noticed that since the beginning of time, that our society, mankind, has always attempted to justify behavior whether we deem that acceptable or not to explain why something immoral, no judgement, was o.k. to do, all the while that thing may cause harm to another person. That’s not truth, as that doesn’t express love, and is not in alignment with the infinite being. As we all have a purpose, duty to fulfil, to support the evolution of your soul, and honestly that may require you to do or accept some uncomfortable situations that test your duty or commitment to your God, Source. I   pray that we can began to see individual as characters in your process of growth, and the expression of the infinite being, divine, God. When we attempt to justify our actions, we are not living in purpose, or embodying our truth, and fulfilling our duty to the mission that you were chosen to evolve and learn from the prior cycle. In the Bhagavad Gita , it spokes of the duty that we have with the Infinite Being, god source energy, to reconcile apparent contradictions dharma and apply it to our daily life to focus on embracing the truth even if it makes us fearful, becomes painful, and challenging  in order to complete our commitment to the creator, i.e. divine. If we cultivate the three paths to liberate us from the cycle, we have to embody knowledge, action, i.e. behavior, and our discipline of devotion without fear of other’s judgment or opinions, we can free ourselves, with the acceptance of truth, without personalizing the  act that is needed through your truth, and that does not need to be justified, those fears are and indication that and excuse needs to support the avoidance of the duty. Truth is not a respecter of excuses, as the source provides for us every day, and just think if the Infinite being can’t negate providing for us as with are his children, so be honest, stand in your personal truth with integrity. With that understanding you are in your light! Just Love, as that is TRUTH!


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