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Meditation for Recycling Negative Energy

In the practice of Qi Gong we can become aware of our habitual, sometimes outer behaviors that create negative experiences, I refer to this as an DOMINO effect. We, dump negative emotions on our fellow human beings, as we are taking out the garbage. many harbor hate, anger, and fear inside, and spread that toxic energy to others, starting the day off wrong. We tend to be obsessed with our own problems, and less concerned for others, and as a result, we also produce more external garbage. None of us wants other people to dump on US, but most of us are unable to prevent our own negative waste from pouring out when circumstances force our bodies, and minds to overload. When we learn to recycle our emotional energies through the practice of INNER Smile, and using the Six healing sounds, we cultivate an develop a practice to recycle, anger, hate, worry, fear, and our sexual desires into positive energy. It's sad as the more garbage we have inside creates more garbage we produce outside of us. Meditation creates a preventive measure offering a much longer lasting approach to our personal health, and energetic conservation. The focus of these disciplines is to recycle emotional garbage into energy that enhances our life force , rather than to release it from the body. Were you aware that the suppression of our sexual desires is the major producer of our negative emotions, and affects us in many ways. It affects the ears when we hear dirty jokes, and creates perverse sexual talk on the phone, it affects the eyes like a pornographic movie creating lustful thoughts, and affects the mouth manifesting in dirty words, or sexual harassment. When we suppress or regard our sexual energy as sinful or dirty our sexual energy becomes like garbage. When we continue to suppress our sexual desires, they can create hate, anger, cruelty, and violence, as we as WOMEN can attest to with the constant pre-occupation to our sexual organs. And these things pollute our society, creating Depression, violence, hate, impotence etc. When we haven't learned to enhance our life force energy we allow someone or something to trigger us in response to areas that aren't healed within us. And it is allowed to spread throughout the body, like a disease. Think about it?

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