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Qi Gong As a WAY to develop Positive Virtues!

Our positive emotions are referred to as virtues in the Tao. They are actually the true essence or seeds of the CHI of our positive feelings, and are an aspect of our immortal soul essence, emanating from beyond time and space into our daily lives. These virtues are our natural qualities, they are inherent in everyone, they do not have to be created in us, they need only to be uncovered, exercised, and nourished, this is the Taoist approach. These virtues have the nature of wisdom and love. These wise virtues reflect our interdependence with the TAO, with nature, with all Life, and with our different parts of our body, we cannot exhibit the virtues except in relation to another. These virtues express love, and the attitude that can strengthen the positive bonds connecting everything in the Universe. These virtues promote Life, health, and harmony, and cultivating the virtues is the basis for spiritual development in the practice of the TAO. The infinite being has provided these qualities in abundance for US. There are Five Elements or Five Major Forces that the ancient Chinese correlated with the virtues.

  • Metal: Lungs: contracting force: Courage: Righteousness: Appropriateness:

  • Water: Kidneys: gathering force: Gentleness: Generosity: alert stillness.

  • Wood: Liver: Generating force: kindness: forgiveness

  • Fire: Heart: prospering force: Love, JOY, Happiness: Gratitude: respect : Honor:

  • Earth: Spleen: Stabilizing force: in the Center, Openness, Fairness: Justice.

This correspondence exist between the virtues and our internal organs, which forms an energy network throughout our body, and creates healthy chi within our organs, and body.

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