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Boundaries that we set are a way to embody Self- Love!

When we are sincerely honest with ourselves, we began to respect our time, activities, as our time is precious too. Sometimes, we commit to things that burden us, past obligations to old commitments, that we felt had to be done, or that we felt no one else would do. Let it go, these things are distractions, and only make us feel overwhelmed , and frustrated. It's o.k. to revisit, observe, and decide , why you are continuing to engage in the commitment? Then gracefully resign, just breathe, and understand that's great for your self- care, self- love! Becoming aware that you are important, precious, and it's o.k. to respect your needs. I had to learn this, and continue to expand, evolve, and grow into my personal truth. I love myself enough to realize that if I didn't provide the love for myself, no one would? No more trauma bonding, not embracing my TRUTH, accepting things that do not bring me JOY! Peace isn't Free, it requires you to change, and accept others with unconditional LOVE, and respect them enough to trust their journey, as we all are on a journey to liberate Ourselves. All you can do is pray, and pray for all involved, as everyone is responsible for their decisions . Just breathe, and trust in your higher Truth!

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