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Humans are horrible at understanding the concept of Divinity within

Why do we immediately THINK, or assume that in our limited understanding of Ourselves that we are clearly able to understand the Creator, God Force Energy, Source, Christ Consciousness, Great Mystery, and my favorite reference Infinite Beings, when we can't even take the time to tune into ourselves, to our Heart's where the Infinite Being lives, there is No separation, just the illusion of detachment. I do not really like social media, i.e. Facebook, etc. As we get to see the fantasy that people want to project, and sometimes there are individuals that post very ignorant content, and they claim to be someone attempting to evolve, as to love the Infinite Being, I believe that we all need to understand each other, and respect your ability to disagree, and be kind as you are claiming to want to change, grow, evolve. Let me ask a questions? If in every thing that you have witnessed about the Infinite Beings, i.e. The Bible, Parables, Torah, your life experiences etc, has the Infinite stated anything other than LOVE, the Heart, Compassion, Truth, but in order for that to be achieved, you have to know yourself, right? As the Infinite Beings is said to have No beginning, and no END, so I would say that's Infinite, right? Over the years, at least 30 years or so, I have developed an intimate relationship with the Infinite Being, I decided that I was worthy of the unconditional Love that I remember since childhood prior to my families, ancestral wounds, and I focused on me, and begin to practice healing myself, and assisting others on their path, as that's my purpose. I have encountered many individuals on my path, some have been challenging, and most just want to re-learn how to be their athentic self, in doing so we can clearly see ourselves and other's through the Unconditional LOVE of the Heart , which is the Infinite! Only you know what your relationship with the Infinite Being is, and that's not my business, as I am only here to address my contract with The Infinite Being. Why do individuals think that it's o.k. to Judge, correct, or question my spiritual path, when they are not responding or attempting to correct their behavior, I'm not judging, just an observation? Love is not this is better, Love is unconditional, it requires Nothing, and it is truth, with ourselves, and others! I pray that people STOP judging the Book by it's cover, and actually OPEN it, i.e. their minds, Hearts, to LOVE. What's so hilarious, is the post that I'm referring to was talking about Witch craft on Hallow's Eve stating that Yoga, Acupunture were considered to be Dark Energy, and guess who posted it? A Christian, That's Religion !!!! Does that sound Loving? The Infinite Being isn't Religion, and doesn't display Fear!!! When we attempt to disseminate wisdom that they haven't gone inward to understand, this is the illusion.

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