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Just breathe, and stay away from the Dream Killers

As I sat here reflecting over the Sabbath, I remember hearing, avoid the " Dream Killers" ! We are all unique to the Divine Plan, to create a new Earth, where LOVE reigns SUPREME. In order to achieve this we must grow, change, and embrace our Personal TRUTH, and not allow FEAR, Hate, and Lack to destroy our Planet. As let's think about this, in this whole planet, does it really look like the Infinite Being is struggling to create? The proof of the statement that I just made is observed in the seasons changing, stars in the sky, and every living thing on the Planet, including US. We need The God Source Energy to create, grow, and expand, and often during this process we often encounter those that do not display the wisdom or balanced judgement to counsel us or themselves, just exist with Grace. It's not our place to convince them of our TRUTH, only to open their "HEARTS" which exposes them to the Light, which is TRUTH, The Great Mystery, The Divine, the Creator. We all are creating a new Dream, and sometimes that requires "Silence", so we do not need advise if we go within. What do you want your dream to be? I want to create, and contribute to a New Dream of love, everyone healing, growing, and respecting each other, isn't that LOVE, Liberation that requires TRUST, and Faith, and the strength to endure. Trust that your dream will free you from the nightmare, and create something "New" for yourself, and the World, change begins with us, and stay uplifted in the truth that you are necessary, created to experience all that the Great Mystery has brought you to understand about yourself, as that the real treasure, the value that you place on your SELF Knowledge, allow yourself to FLY, and Dream your BIGGEST dream EVER!!! And understand it's o.k. if everyone is not invited !

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