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QI Gong Practice to create Better Brain Power, and Better Judgement

Were you aware that daily Qi Gong meditation practice, Can assist with the development of better Brain power, and assist you with better judgement in daily life? It can assist you with improving your memory and attention to detail. This assist with coping with difficult subjects or skills that previously were a real struggle. You will become MORE calm, and relaxed, and when you are "OPEN" in this way, you are better at judging whether a situation or person is good or bad for you. The practice allows you immediately to read other's energy, and protect your energy. Qi Gong brings US back to nature, enabling us to stay away from what is artificial, so that we can really experience our higher consciousness. It assist US in developing healthy relationships with other's and ourselves. Being unhealthy affects our emotions and our balance, which may appear negative, and others will naturally avoid Us, as everything is ENERGY, vibration. If your energy is positive you will attract opportunities, and positive experiences. Qi Gong can be used for improving health but also self-healing. Come practice with me, and re-discover your TRUE Self!!! Namaste!!!!

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