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The Precious Gift of Your Breath

As I continue to evolve and assist others on their spiritual journey, I, personally always make an assessment of my progress, as we all know, or maybe Not? That’s without judgement, as I have learned to be compassionate with myself, and it allows me to be Compassionate with others, that’s Grace, I worked very hard at maintaining My ‘SELF”, and I no longer behavior in the same way, My daily practice of Qi Gong meditation has allowed me to Connect with the Universe, The Infinite Being, Ancestors whom guide US, and that Glorious experience begins with “Being Silence”, going within, creating a space for yourself so that you can Learn to Trust Yourself, Respect Yourself, Empower Yourself, and be at One with the Infinite Being, Christ Consciousness, Divine Beings, many names, and this doesn’t really suffice, Meaning NOT Enough or Adequate, I think at times we forget this when it comes to our communication with others, and the Judging spirit within US, as more beings, not all, really don’t like themselves, just saying, and this is sincerely without judgement, as it’s maybe the LESSONS that are required right now, for growth. Please remember that you are required to participate in your Creation of your Life, Just like Nature, and It’s not judgmental, it’s LOVE as each ENERGY, vibration supports the other, Just as we are learning to be NEW, Restored, and reminded that we are always Loved, but we have to Learn GRACE, Truth within ourselves and learning to Respect others and their beliefs, as if you sincerely want to Know The Infinite Being, There is no HATE, Only LOVE, The true Energy of the God Source is The Heart and How do we begin to connect with Love, as it is the Breath, it’s precious but we often take it for granted, Until we need it, just take a deep breathe, in a quiet space in your home, with music to connect as SOUND is SACRED and Listen as the Infinite Speaks to us through our deep breathes, at least 36 times, and focus your energy on your Spiritual Body, Mental body, Emotional body, and Physical body, bathing in the Universal Love all around you, and just say CHI or Thank you, to your Source, it works!!!!

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