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Using the Breath to Master your life

Meditation can assist us to growth, to truly embrace ourselves. When I began my Spiritual journey, I experienced many different modalities on this journey called LIFE! The Breath, and being able to Master your breathing can help create clear intention within, so that we can make better choices that support our individual spiritual soul goals, as everyone has a purpose. If we want MORE love in our lives, we need to heal the past wounds, and forgive to create something NEW, our behaviors have to change, the way that we speak of ourselves, and others. The Infinite Being is constantly creating, evolving, being, becoming. Some think that they are destined to be unhappy, and have given up on life. How are we suppose to learn, grow, only through personal challenges, struggles? The precious gift is your breath, each and every day that you wake up, be grateful, as it's your life -force energy. We all make choices, to be happy, to grow, to be kind, to forgive, What are you choosing for yourself? Learning to Master your Breath, SELF, allows you to evolve, and achieve your dreams! Daily practice provides discipline, structure, and clarity in mind to CREATE, dream BIG!!!!

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