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Value Your Personal Journey With Compassion

Today I was just thinking about my personal journey Back to myself, yes, I did say MYSELF!!! When I was a child I thought that some people were very unique, and interesting even family members, as I discovered later on my journey to becoming MYSELF again, That most of the experiences with others taught me something about myself, as I began to reflect. When I was a teenager there were individuals that molded my understanding of friendship, and loyalty , and self- respect, and kindness, and then there were some that tested my patience, as my sister Betty's friend Michelle says," Put a quarter in Them" i.e. Brian G Allen, He is my first real male friendship, like real friendship, He is smart, intelligent , and passionate about whatever he is INTERESTED in, But this special Friend could be a WHOLE LOT of drama, but loyal until he wasn't, and I learned that sometimes he couldn't control himself , He is the clear meaning of " Just because you can, DOESN"T mean you should? But I love him to this day, because I was fully entertained in his company, the laughing, and exploring the World together, but we moved on to different paths, of our awareness, and those behaviors were No longer interesting to me, or beneficial to us growing together, so I released that relationship so my spirit could have PEACE, and my friend could grow, maybe change, But I never last my compassion for him, as he was a part of my growth, and expansion. I learned that releasing someone in your life can be healing for my Soul, and a huge part of that is just ACCEPTING that the situation is just that, and not allowing anyone to disturb your peace of mind, it wasn't personal as I allowed that vibration in my life, but I began to understand that it was an incredible memory that I laughed, cried, enjoyed those special moments in time with this friend, as it allowed me to develop Mercy, Patience, Self-Esteem, Humility and Courage to be me, and know that I had someone that could accept me, and me them. Those Lessons were Valuable to me, and those around me. When we recognize these things, we began to Breathe!!!! And live.........It's called Liberation !!!

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