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When we are clear, we are truly FREE

Only when we are truly clear, with our emotions, personal truth, are we FREE. This last week I discovered that as my " ancestors" stated to me, some individuals are " BAD pennies", and constantly returning attempting to resurface in our lives, to feed off the light. Well, there are cases of individuals that are struggling with mental behavior issues, and boy did I come in contact with one SpecialEDer like this, No judgement, just the TRUTH, and Nothing but the truth i.e. "Bad Pennies" , I suggest REJECT the need to address the Circus Clown, Just saying! Darkness is drawn to the Light, as everything is vibration, some after committing to the practice of Qi Gong Meditation, i.e. Balanced emotional Beings, are aware when WE engage with them, never disregard how a individual makes you feel when in their presence. Trusting the alerts of the " Higher Self". Remember that you deserve to be happy, and your work has provided you with the happiness that you seek, and It's not your responsibility to heal them, but have compassion for their journey, as it is a choice, each and every decision. I choose Joy, as I honor my personal truth. People whom do not respect others, haven't really discovered the clarity of the lessons, but we can, and endure and move forward with Grace! No judgements, just observations!!! Namaste

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