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Your Breathe co- creates with The Infinite Being, God Source Energy, The Great Mystery, It's all ONE

We all can agree as I tent to be positive in my exploration of my life, as that's the only story that I personally know, as my grandmother, her Mother before her, and on, and on, through time, and space, would say, "MIND your own business" , is the Most Sage advise, Some may disagree, But it's Most of the drama that individuals experience because the Focus is NOT on the right ACTION, Word, Thought daily, No judgement, just an Observation. I personally know that as I began to develop the ability of being open-minded, centered, loving, as you can't possibly think that? Like doesn't attract like, as the Elders have always, stated ! Maybe because Most are focused on Other peoples experiences and not their own, We can all be free, just Breathe, it's your gift to yourself, and creates love, tranquility, peace, just by practicing Qi Gong, as this requires that you are DEVOTED to yourself, and raising your vibrational frequency adds, and enhances your life, and everyone around, it's the gift that keeps on giving, It's LOVE! As we grow on the journey, we must become mentally disciplined, and wise to understand that each situation, is a opportunity to be stronger, MORE Fearless, MORE COURAGOUS, that's real freedom, no matter what the outer WORLD displays!!! Just breathe, and trust, change your Thoughts to KIND words about yourself, and others, FORGIVE just as your CREATOR, INFINITE Being Does for you, EVERYDAY!!! As improvement is a New Opportunity , to have MORE LOVE, JOY, PEACE, FORGIVENESS, That's FREEDOM!!! Your life was meant to bring the BEST gain for YOU, just be still, silence is one of the KEYS to develop Discipline, and acquire FREEDOM!!! Devoted yourself to really Knowing YOU, to create whatever, FREEDOM means to YOU!!! My personal FREEDOM is peace of Mind, JOY, Balance and Harmony!!! Namaste!

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