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Your sleeping Position, May be causing your Insomnia?

Are you having a challenge at night, when you lay down to go to sleep? Did you know that your position in which you sleep is important. Here are some recommendations to insure a good nights rest.

If you are used to sleeping on your back, simply place a small pillow under your knees, and across the feet, and cover your navel with your palms.

Using the practice of Abdominal breathing, and begin to count your breathes, this gathers and condenses the force in your lower Tan Tien, so that your CHI does not run up to your head, it also helps excess CHI already in your head to descend.

If you usually lie on your side, maybe start on the right side , by placing your right thumb behind your right ear, where several acupuncture point are that assist with insomnia. Then placing your other hand on your hip, and using the abdominal breathing practice.

You can also Shake out your body to relieve Tension, by standing and shaking from your knees, and you will feel a vibration up through your body. Shaking all the excess YANG from the top down to the bottom and exiting into the ground. For more information, Book a session, at Goddessyvette1@gmail.

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