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Are you ready to commit to your new Dream?

During my day, I often reflect on my spiritual journey, and since I have been practicing Qi Gong Meditation, it has changed my entire life. I have been able to heal myself, and assist others on their journey to personal growth, and liberation. I have discovered my real Joy, peace, and deep understanding of myself, and of my triggers from childhood, i.e. not having enough, being invisible in a house full of people, and really understanding upon reflection of my journey that all of the shadows have truly allowed me to liberate myself, and develop a intimate relationship with the eternal NOW, God source energy, Infinite Being, nature, as it's all connected to the One. I thank the Infinite Being for every disappointment, challenge, obstacle as it allowed me to develop strength, courage, peace of mind, patience, and assisted me in healing my childhood wounds. I have been practicing for 30 years, and it required COMMITMENT, everyday, just to learn to be still. When I was a small child, I remember that just sitting still brought me so much JOY, because I was clearly closer to my TRUTH, my real higher consciousness, and I would enjoy the intimate conversations with the Infinite Being. That filled my heart, and when I think about it no matter whatever chaos was happening around me, I felt safe as I knew then that the Infinite protected me, delivered me from physical abuse, mental abuse, and anything else that came my way. So, I really discovered that for me, being outside in nature was healing, freeing me from the pain, and helping me to endure. When I began to practice Qi Gong Meditation it was like returning home to the Infinite Being, and literally myself. I regained my sense of SELF, and realized that I was my own power source, along with the Infinite Being and through my daily practice I began to feel stronger, and focused, and regained my peace of mind. I realized that I loved myself, and committed to my journey. There is a time in your life , that you have to decide is your healing important, is your life less important than everyone around you? And then you become free when you decide to commit to yourself, your path, etc. I decide that I wanted to be better, to use my Divine gifts, as everyone has something to contribute to the WORLD, and be who the Creator created me to be, and fully embrace my purpose, it wasn't easy but I begun to trust myself, respect myself, and commit to my path, and this practice allowed me to embody my TRUE SELF, i.e. not what others wanted, just ME!!! If you want to grow, evolve, and truly embrace your happiness commit to yourself, and realize that you are worthy, and deserving of all the abundance, JOY, LOVE, and Peace! You just need to commit to YOU, You are worth it!!!! I discovered that my peace of mind was worth the commitment to myself!!!! Namaste'

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