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Developing The power of your mind

Meditation aims to quiet the mind and nurture the spirit. When the mind is agitated, it overflows with thoughts and feelings that reacts to everything, often overreacts, causing our life-force energy to become scattered. Then our minds are so occupied with the flow, it cannot give it's full power to any one thought or feeling, lacking incisive power, it becomes scattered and diffused. When we are quite in the mind through meditation, it becomes focused and strong, this is what we call, "Mind Power". To quite the mind, the mind must first become focused on something, we call that something " the object of Meditation, some use Mantras, koans, breath, visualizations, analytical subjects to ponder, but in the healing Tao the object of meditation is CHI. Chi is our life-force, when we use our mind power (thought), eye power (senses), and heart power (organs) to focus on our life-force itself, we gain control of our mind, and learn to control our life's as well. All of these powers combine to become the highest state of consciousness, which is called Yi. Taoist meditation helps still the mind and body so we can absorb, recycle, refine, and conserve higher energies. Active meditations focuses the mind to open channels for circulation of energy, which nourishes our body, mind, and spirit. Qi Gong Meditation allows us to transform negative emotions into positive virtues, and sexual energy into life- force and spiritual energy. Wu Chi, is sitting still and doing nothing, as YANG is active, and YIN is passive. The main practice of the Tao is training the mind, eyes, and heart to tap into the Universe, Cosmic, and Earth forces to help increase our Original force. The true goal of all meditation is pure awareness or enlightenment, which produces a higher vibration, light, or frequency in our life-force.

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