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Learn how to become your own personal Observer of your life, i.e. minding your own business!!!

As we journey on this walk of life, we should appreciate every experience that continues to assist us to learn, expect MORE of our lives, and assisting others on their journey to ONENESS! So we have to be mindful of the vibration that we are expressing, is that expression LOVING? I would suggest that you STOP, breathe deeply and go deep into your heart chakra, at least 36 deep, comfortable breathes, and then began to release your

sadness, pain, unforgiveness, and embrace unconditional love for yourself, and others, and observe your thoughts, investigate your emotions, and observe how your body feels during that thought, and release it, and once again, upon your observation open your heart feel from the space of unconditional love, imagine that you are surrounded in the Infinite being, and release, mastering your breath will help support your personal liberation, and help you to really began to live as you were meant to, and create your DREAM! The Love that we seek is inside US always!!! Please understand your personal journey is your OWN!!!

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