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Meditation allows Us to practice Forgiveness!!!

I personally understand and OVERSTAND that our lives can be challenging somethings, this is to assist us to make adjustments to prior choices that we made, think about it? Sometimes we make decisions based on Fear, past trauma, or just let's be honest poor decisions that caused more pain in our lives, I have personally experienced this too. In order to truly be alive we most experience loss of possibilities, loss of opportunities, and feelings that we can never feel again, are these not choices? When we begin our journey to self-knowledge by mastering our breath we can really, clearly and with intent began to enjoy the GIFT of Life, as it's the most precious revelation of our existence. I remember when I loss my Beautiful Sister, Victoria, I thought that I would never return to myself, and my sister reminded me of her forever presence in my life, all over some Archway cookies in a store, that was only one of a few pleasant memories of my father that I can truly smile about. My Father would get drunk come home with the Munchies and treat us to archway cookies, i.e. Oatmeal Raisin, and Ice cream, and that memory affected me, as I could feel my sister, and hear her talking "SHIT" about my father, as we laughed as children do when we see our parents doing something that they have time, and time again, told us NOT to do. I thought about when I decided years ago to accept what happened in my childhood with GRACE, as the Infinite Being NEVER left my side or my Beautiful Sister's as the experience helped to help me assist others on their Journey into the Awareness of Self, the very Church that you seek is inside of you!!! Your discovery into your breath will guide the way to a NEW YOU, just Breathe!!!

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