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The Power of Our family Stories

The Power of Our family Stories




When did we forget our family stories? The stories that were shared with us as children provided glimpses of our rich family heritage, and inspired us to be better, do better. Why did we stop telling these stories? I have been thinking of how amazing my mother was at telling these stories to me, and my siblings. The stories that she shared were hilariously funny, some were sad, and others were, in my understanding, just wise words of wisdom, based on maybe some hardships, and struggling. These stories sometimes just educated me, personally, on what not to do. I remember that as a child, I was curious about how electricity worked, so I struck a butterknife in the socket, let me tell you that I never did that again. But the hilarious thing is my mother kept telling me not to do that, but the experience of the situation led me to believe that it was dangerous, and no story, reprimand from her could have been enough to stop me. The stories that we share are OUR stories, sometimes they provide that strength for others to grow, to develop Courage to do better. I wish that we would value those things that money can’t buy as before. The experiences that we share are PRICELESS, not invaluable. I learned from all that my parents, ancestors, enemies, friends, and situations provide keys to my success, peace of mind, and understanding of my purpose, those stories allowed me to understand myself, and others, to develop Compassion, and helped me to survive the challenges of my life. I pray that one day, we will all discover that our stories help us to heal ourselves, and others. I know that the stories that were shared with me, helped me to become discerning and assist others on their personal journey, and in the end, I began to understand that I never failed, I just learned to appreciate the path, and journey, and develop patience. Isn’t that successful in the end!



Infinite Blessings,

Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton

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