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What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is the practice of mastering our breath. We use many exercises to cultivate our energy to improve the health of our physical, and spiritual bodies. Through daily practice we can recycle ♻️, and transform the negative experiences that we encounter during our daily routines. We are learning to develop Compassion, for ourselves and others. As nature and the universe seem cruel sometimes, and we humans sometimes think that only the strong can survive, and only humans having sympathy are weak, as it is Through human weakness that we attempt to place conditions 💙 on love, which in truth has no conditions. Compassion, and the development of it, is the highest form of virtue, as it's basis is empathy, not sympathy, and it elevates the Consciousness beyond human weakness. With Compassion ❤️, one can love unconditionally and accept the world on your own terms without ❤️ suffering ✨️. We learn to master the positive energies of love, kindness, gentleness, respect, and honesty 💖. As we are all seeking happiness, let's practice to create it! Namaste!

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