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Words mean so many Things, Are you intent in your conversations?

Sometimes, I have observed that the power of our WORDS we so freely use without focusing on the INTENT of what they may cause for ourselves, or the person that we are speaking with, our words can uplift, hurt, and wound, or destroy ourselves or other's sense of SELF. Until we seek to know ourselves, we really will not understand the POWER with Intent of our words. In the Bhagavard Gita, it explains how to address the issue of how to reconcile apparent contradictions in Dharma and apply it to daily life, we need to focus on the spiritual wisdom, and attempt to understand each experience, or situation by observing our responses. We all have a duty, or purpose to achieve we just need to seek it, explore what and who we are, it teaches that the body is not the SELF, so that which is killed is not really the person. The true self is the eternal Atman which cannot be killed, it merely inhabits the body, like a suit of clothes, and then casts that body off at death and takes on another body at the time of re-birth. This goes on, lifetime after lifetime until the self is liberated from the cycle of re-birth, in other words you live out the confusions until they become clear a quote by Anais Nin. We are always attempting to dilute the TRUTH, and this is not personal, just an observation, no judgements here, it's so easy to live for others, as we all do in some way, if we are honest with ourselves, I refer to them as burdens , not thinking about our call from the Infinite Beings, Divine, God Source Energy to live for ourselves, to be happy, and follow our own path. This requires that we be honest with ourselves and LOVE ourselves, be kind to ourselves, and be kind to others. As my mother, Beautiful Miss Pearly Mae Whorton would say, If you have NOTHING good to say, say NOTHING at all! We are all One, there has never been any separation from the Infinite Beings, just our lack of understand of that existence in our lives. The real Truth is ONENESS, never put the key to your happiness in somebody else's pocket! If you stand in your personal Truth and love yourself and focus on your duty, i.e. purpose, you will live a great life, but it start with mastering your breath, embrace a NEW sense of Self, being mindful of your behaviors with intent, Not judging others sacred path, being compassionate with yourself, and others, and standing in GRACE, with gratitude , and patience daily, and embodying unconditional LOVE, I didn't say that this would be EASY, but anything worth truly having isn't easy! We are blessed with the power of communication, so use that gift wisely !

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