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In Our Society, Man is NO respecter of NONE, So are we ONLY concerned with Having, not BEING?

In my up bringing there were so many of us that occupied the same space, so it was a effort to sometimes sit to obtain peace within, so I began to enjoy reading, as my personal stillness. As I began my Sabbath yesterday, by preparing a meal prior for my self and my ancestors dedicated to my Mother, Pearly Mae Whorton, which consisted on string beans and potatoes, in which I totally do not prefer to eat, as I do not really like string beans. Well, my ancestors assisted in the blessing the meal, and as I sat with them, and the INFINITE Being, the all GOD, DIVINE, Etc. As a child, we were not permitted to watch TV that MUCH, my Grand Mother , Pearly Mae Clifton referred to it as the " IDOIT BOX" that was so adorably funny to us kids, as laughter was ALWAYS experienced, sometimes through Painful, losses, deaths, etc. As I reflect on this present day, and unpacking my own personal journey, father issues, relationship issues, I discovered that we as a civilization is NOT evolving as a WHOLE, consciousness. I think, and observe daily, the lack of SELF- RESPECT, increasing more of the same, that's just my personal opinion. We are still attempting to heal the sins of ancestral KARMA, the need to destroy, the Cain behavior, was I call it. My beloved Sister, Victoria was killed 30 something years ago, by gun violence, and we are STILL addressing the issue. Think about it, what if we all placed MORE importance on healing, compassion, and just Breathing, experiencing the Infinite blessing of being Still. This will create a domino effoect, Let's create a world of PEACE, by healing old wounds, raising your vibrational Frequency, and learning to love yourself, know yourself, and cultivate a EXPANDED version of YOU!!! Qi Gong can assist you in obtaining your DREAMS, just BELIEVE!!!!

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