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Everything has an expiration date, right?

When we reflect on life, everything has an expiration date, or as in ascension i.e. time to return back to the Divine, Great Mystery, God Source etc. What I have observed lately that some individuals , who will remain nameless, as I understand that EVERYTHING is in Divine Order even when we do not Believe, trust the journey. Well, over the years I have experienced individuals whom continue to not take responsibility for their behavior or lack of judgements, for the choices that create their suffering as it is a CHOICE. So Yesterday I'm engaging with my let's say, Building security person, This individual upon observation was struggling to breathe, and weak disposition as I had become aware that I really had not seen them in a was concercouple of weeks, and possibly up to a month. The last time I saw this individual I was concerned with their weak appearance, and very negative conversation, so i begin to express my concerns about my observation of their appearance , and conversation as I was concerned and have over the YEARS offered my support, assistance, etc. So fast forward to last night, well, well, well........ The individual told me that they had a mild stroke, as I recalled the conversation the last time that I saw him, I sugested, and recommended that he go to the Doctor ASAP , i suspect from the recent interaction that he didn't go, No judgement. So he tells me that he is struggling to breathe, experiencing weakness in his extremilites, and then tell me that he has oxygen in the car to support his breathing challenges but is so concerned what others would think about him, that he wouldn't roll the tank around or sit with it so that he could BREATHE, UNBELIEVEABLE???? Then tells me that a couple of years ago that I offered to give some free acupuncture, I asked the Divine about the conversation and the content, and my response was REALLY, as That was Two to three years ago, then I was told by the individual that was correct, UNBELIEVEABLE again. So I was told to share with them , That in order for DISEASE to appear that it starts SPIRITUALLY first, and they began professing to me that they are trying, no words, no judgement, just observation, If that was the TRUTH then WHY are you STILL behaving like this????? Heartbreaking, and I have compassion for then, But The truth is they are still in the state of FEAR, DENIAL, and negative mental, and emotional thinking, My prayer is that they change, but it is a choice, but they can't expect me to extent my offer from TWO ot THREE years ago, NOW! Everything has a expiration date, and how absurd to think that I am somehow, not going to honor my boundaries firmly now. UNBELIEVEABLE !!!!!!!

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