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The Cost of Not Being Yourself !

Betrayal is what happens when we attempt to not live for ourself, because honestly, in doing so we aren't embodying our purpose. It starts with our EGO, directing us, by convincing us the our behaviors are Justified, and we will sacrifice , anything or anyone to get what we need, no matter what comes. The Infinite being shared with me at the beginning of the New Year, a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson," It's easy to live for others, everyone does. I call on you to live for yourself". If we are really honest with ourselves, love ourselves, and are honest with ourselves, and embrace our TRUTH, and observe others without judgement and have compassion for other's we all WIN, but the key is to be Honest with yourself. Anything that we participate in requires Energy, Vibration, and is based on our frequency. The truth doesn't lie, our actions provide the TRUTH. We continue to live out the confusions until they become clear to us. I have been teaching spiritual practices for years, and I have noticed that most challenges that we observe, or face is due to us not being completely honest with others, but sadly with ourselves. Our society is real famous for warfare that is based on deception. When we choose to be deceptive, we continue to vibrate in Fear, we see this daily when engaging with others, and if we are honest, addressing our own FEARS. These behaviors are not Loving, and keep us cycling in fear, and creating limitations to our mindset, effecting our relationships, and the MOST important one with the Infinite Being, i.e. God Source Energy, we are not being what or who we were created to be. Some years ago, one of my guides, Bruce Lee stated to me that, " A teacher is never a giver of truth, he is a guide , a pointer to the truth that each student must find for himself or herself", That's a Truth. You have to take responsibility for your spiritual relationship with God Source, and it requires Truth, and sometimes it's not comfortable, but if you embrace it, you are Free! Free is liberation, and acceptance to create the life that you are destined to have. This upcoming Cosmic Alignment can help us as a society, and as humankind. But you can't obtain that freedom without the Truth. Pray for wisdom, and understanding, and guidance, but sit with yourself. The more we seek to control, we aren't understanding that we are driven by fears, and that isn't in alignment with LOVE. You have to do your duty, and understanding yourself is your responsibility, people can not effect you with their behavior if you are devoted to your path, because we choose who we share our love with by the time we spend with them, if it drains you, then it is a burden, a distraction, and you can uninvite it. Set your intention, and move forward with Grace for the lessons that you Mastered, the trick is not to allow it to repeat. If the connection Isn't JOYFUL and brings you bliss, then change the situation, and let GO, but GRACE is needed! When we are Angry it effects our Solar Plexus which governs our Physical Energy, be mindful, and be well, and protect your energy, and focus on raising your vibration, always. And always be mindful of your intentions, and observe others, with unconditional LOVE, it's not personal, just your Duty! Namaste!!!

Infinite Blessings,

Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton

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