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The infinite Being isn't conventional, stop the press!!!

Through out history and the time of us being asleep just walking through life, some of us seek to understand , why we are here. We often attempt to classify ourselves, as feminine and masculine, just scratching only the surface of whom we are. We denote this by using nouns, adjectives, and things that we describe as what is denoted as gender, or conventionally female. But What I have always felt was the energy of people, places, and spaces that I have experienced in my 56 years of this creation, or story of my observation, and experiences on this spiritual journey. What I have discovered, really what’s in a name? it’s a manner of our observation of a situation, the experience that we sometimes continue to repeat, like a broken record, it reminds me of my fathers record player and when a record was scratched, remember the sound that vibration, which can either annoy you, or lift you up, sound can heal our body, just like our thoughts, and in silence we can achieve great insights about everything, just ask! We need to be more intimate with our relationship to the Infinite being, and that isn’t defined by conventionally thinking, we have to step within to really understand the wisdom of our divine source , I usually tell my student that if the divine wanted us to be all the same, we would be, as this is the Divine’s creation, and we are all apart of the whole, it’s called oneness, being in alignment with “ god source “ . if we are in alignment with our source, we are observing, studying, growing in our truth, being honest, and in our heart space, and having knowledge of our self, with integrity. We are not that,  when we are not being honest with ourselves, and in our personal truth. All discordances usually manifest themselves, because individuals are not being honest with each other, or themselves , or having a clear understanding of the situation, which  can be manipulation, inner child wounds, mental heath issue, no judgement! Just be truthful, and the more absurd observation is that we denote this to being a noun, when we are much more than that, think about it!!! Everything in the universe, cosmos, is energy! One basic energy is food, which society takes for granted, as mother God, Mother earth feeds us, supports us, by exposing us to the sun, water, air, etc, all these things that she provides for us, and we focus on the silly classifications of the garment that we are wearing for this journey. Have compassion for those that do not understand this because it’s not conventionally accepted, but we are evolving and there are so much possibilities for us, and we are to respect others journey without judgment, because it is their journey, but respect your energy enough to have discernment in your communication, and actions, with intent in the company of others, just saying, because we have to accept that everyone in our life is connecting with us to either teach us something about ourselves, or support ourselves spiritual journey, which is a divine blessing to me, and I’m so, so , so graceful for my spiritual family, as I do not define these incredible, unique, divine beings, as there are no words to express them but one , higher vibrational beings, and that by no means is conventional, as I see my divine source in them, and respect their personal truths, without judging them , and they see me! That is love, that’s truth, and that’s divine not denoting something, just is!!! I hope that this opens hearts to love, to the creator, whatever or however you see source, let’s seek to understand vibrational frequencies and it just isn’t the truth, to judge a book by it’s cover, right? you o have to understand, and that will only occur by seeking wisdom, compassion, and thinking out the box. And accepting that we all seek  our balance in unusual ways, and it’s o.k. to be YOU!!!


Rev. dr. goddess Yvette whorton

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