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The Benefits of practicing Qi Gong Meditation

We are all seeds, as it relates to creation, and Qi Gong Meditation is a great daily practice that invites us to cultivate our energy, recycle ♻️ toxic energy, spiritually physically  mentally,  and emotionally. We ingest others energy daily, the same as what we digest in our daily meals, if we seek balance, we have to create harmony within our physical,  and spiritual bodies. I personally have been practicing Qi Gong for 30 years, it has helped me evolve to embrace my personal TRUTH,  and observe,  and heal my childhood wounds, and ancestral patterns,  and curses meaning habitual behavior that continues to bare challenging situations, not only for ourselves but those that come after us. And it all starts with mastering your breath,  life - force energy, i.e. Chi, K, PRANA. We are the universe,  inside, and outside, microcosm,  macrocosm. This practice has changed many life's,  and has a 5, 0000 origin. I look 👀 forward to sharing this life- changing practice, that is sure to increase your awareness,  health, and create longevity. As it is known too assist in cultivating the Long Life Wine, improve our digestive health, and improve how we react to stressful situations. This is a gift, as healing comes from the Divine. I would ask that if you are a prior or present student of mine, please comment,  and let me know, if you can share an experience or situation, that was changed in your life, from exposure to this practice. Namaste

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