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Understanding of Self Creates healing of Old Wounds, Just Breathe and Let GO!

The effects of childhood trauma on the sacral Chakra

As we begin our spiritual path, journey, it is recommended that we get an understanding of our chakra system, i.e. energy centers. Our sacral chakra is the House of the inner child, and represents childhood wounds, self limiting beliefs, as it’s our center of creativity. We usually get distracted when we approach the teenager years, as we become pre-occupied we sexual desires, and sometimes lose the childlike wonder, I refer to it as dreaming the Big Dream, that to me is fulfilling my Purpose. In doing so, I can create an amazing dream that helps bring more Light, Love to the World, and those around me. When our chakras, especially the sacral is imbalanced we are carrying some old wounds, possibly abuse, i.e. sexual, mental, physical, emotional. And this imbalance can effect our sexual desire, or pre-occupation, possible make us in my mothers words whorish, promiscuous, provocative in how we approach SEX, sometimes becoming obsessed. This can effect our creativity, because whether we realize it , we were so tapped into our imagination then. I remember as a child having an extraordinary desire to create, adults as they begin to domesticate us, as this is not a judgement, just they providing us with the knowledge that they acquired along the way, I refer to this as programming, we all repeat the things that we were taught, until we become aware consciously of why we are behaving that way, or this way. If we are honest with ourselves, we are more like our parents than we would sincerely admit. My parents weren’t healed from some of the wounds that they carried with them, but my mother, grandmother, Pearly Clifton, my great uncles were incredibly loving, and they created within me an integrity, compassionate, loving environment so no matter whatever came, I knew that I was loved even in the time of the domestic abuse that my mother suffered, the mental, physical abuse that my narcissistic father, Elmor Whorton, inflicted us with everyday, as you never know what a narcissist will do, and most can relate to this experienced behavior as everything has a clinical label now. But as horrible as my father was, I was able to identify later in my life, why I attracted broken men, as that was something that I needed to heal within myself, as I was made to feel invisible most of the time, as my father was attempting to escape his reality of being somewhere that he didn’t want to be. It took me years to understand this, and I was able to heal the ancestral curse, and NOT repeat that behavior with my children, as I have been blessed with a Strong, independent, intelligent, sometimes challenging Beautiful daughter Victoria, she has blessed me with four special grandchildren, whom are very animated, loving, sometimes selfish as children are during their development stages. And I have a son, Dominic, my first born, very spoiled, made some choices that I didn’t agree with and had to struggle with and still is challenged with his pre-occupation with the material world. In his view, as limited as I feel that is, I had to learn and accept that he would make decisions that were driven by his desire to have things that weren’t going to allow him to be liberated, and that would cost him, his soul. For years I prayed that he would change his course, and he still hasn’t, but I understand that I had to trust in the Infinite being, and let that situation go, as it was draining me of my peace of mind. As a child my son was more interested in materials, i.e. shoes, material dressings, some would refer to this behavior as “ champagne taste, beer Money “, as in his mind, or limited understanding these things were symbols of success, and he was very disappointed in his relationship with his father, and the lack of this relationship affected him, he began to act out to gain attention from his father, whom wasn’t able to provide the guidance that he needed as his father was murdered during his childhood, so was tasked with attempting to be both parents, not judging his narrative , as we can only provide what we have been given, as I have compassion for his situation as he wasn’t able to gain the tools to be a father, as his was murdered, so the trauma continued, and his mother became single, and we both learned to endure. We all have struggles, teachable moments, and I pray that we all embody endurance, and Peace, we will heal, just open your HEART to love!!!!

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