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When in Doubt , shut your MOUTH, just saying!!!

Love........ means communicating with our personal truth, whatever that may be, and when we aren't honest with those around us, we betray ourselves, and do not allow the highest of truth to shine it's light. It reminds me of the Elders saying, I'm Old and Now I can say whatever, whenever, etc.... If individuals want to change, the start has to be the man in tyhe mirror, did you catch that, Michael Jackson. I know my truth, people want you to agree with their barnyard, ignorant, SMALL narrow minded understanding, these are adjectives to describe my observation, not a judgement, as I'm a firm believer that whatever the path we chose to take, it is our decision, not what others think, believe, etc. I have been with myself, all my life, I know that sometimes I felt disappointment in the lack of some of my options, but everything that I learned has helped me continue to liberate myself, to heal ancestoral curses. . I enjoy the FREEDOM of who I AM, and what I desire to be, being yourself is a full time JOB, and that includes healing our Childhood trauma, lack of self worthy, and pain of just overcoming some struggles that we were very blessed to have come through. When we place the TRUTH first, we aren't betraying ourselves, and feeling like we need to , with gradititude ! And not having to explain our actions to other's whom sometimes do not understand what our journey is. Embrace your self, Unapologetically , and remember that your Happiness is the reason for your season, and creates your destiny, as you are ONLY responsible for YOURSELF, and your Happiness, others are responsible for LIVING their TRUTH with integrity!!!

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